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Case Study: Fresh Food Processing Conveyor Application

IMO Jeambrun Automation SAS were approached by a French customer that runs a large commercial nursery that produces salad vegetables and aromatic plants, as they were looking for a solution that would enable them to count the number of plants and produce as they were placed on a conveyor.

The customer needed to collate the information in to a data table that can then be accessed through their workstations, which would then be used by management in order to improve efficiency.

Another aspect of the customer’s requirement was to be able to control the speed of the conveyors, which were being driven by three separate motors.

IMO Jeambrun worked together with the customer’s project engineers in order to create an all-encompassing solution which utilises QD photoelectric sensors, an IMO iSmart Intelligent Relay (in a Modbus RS485 network), connected to a 7” iView Advanced HMI. These were used in conjunction with 3 SD1 Variable Speed Drives that controlled each of the conveyor motors.

The solution also included the set-up of automated data logging files which are periodically exported on to a USB flash drive, with a view to migrate the data logging in to the factory’s local network at some stage in the future.

"We were looking for a company that could guide us through the steps of creating a complete application solution, and we found this in IMO Jeambrun. Although we had some level of technical knowledge, we were very reliant upon IMO for assistance with the programming and commissioning.

We were really impressed with the high level of technical knowledge that IMO provided to us. The end solution meets our requirement perfectly, and has given us the template for future expansion of our business, and also future technology enhancements."

Lead Project Engineer, End Customer

3 years ago

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