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Case Study: Onboard Refrigeration Store Solution

The Royal Navy had a requirement to refit the Duke Class Type 23 Frigates with either replaced or upgraded onboard refrigerated stores suites. These ships form the backbone of the Royal Navy’s surface flotilla and therefore reliable onboard equipment was of the utmost importance.

The Royal Navy selected specialist marine refrigeration company Ernest West & Beynon to carry out the upgrades.

The IMO iView Advanced HMI was selected as the most appropriate for the task at hand, specifically the IV07M model. The requirement was for a primary operator interface to be fitted to the main control panel where ships staff and maintenance engineers can control and set the refrigeration systems. The control panel is mounted in the ship remotely to the refrigeration machinery skid.

The primary operator interface had to allow commands and settings to be entered locally, and then be passed through to the control system PLC’s, via a Modbus datalink. As such, the IMO iView was selected as it fitted the requirement perfectly.

Once integrated into the onboard systems, operator controls, plant data, historical alarms, current alarm messages and help information were programmed into 10 pages accessible from the iView’s touch screen customer programmed “menu” page.

The first of this new equipment is now in service on HMS Argyll.

"The use of the iView has enabled us to display flashing red warnings on the screen, which is also supported by automatic sending of a text message detailing the fault. Unskilled ships staff can then accurately report the fault description and trained technicians can then interrogate the iView data pages for information regarding the fault condition. This is a considerable technical advancement from the previous set-up which was virtually a “Christmas tree” of lights with no supporting data.".
Technical Manager, Ernest West & Beynon

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3 years ago

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