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Case Study: Specialist Vehicle Solutions

The i3 Intelligent Controller is already being used in a wide range of specialist vehicles including, Custodial, Fire, and Cash-In-Transit. Another example of how the i3 can be used, is in state of the art Police Vehicles that contain a range of high tech equipment and software systems. These systems are often produced by several suppliers, therefore having several different user interfaces which the vehicles crew need to operate.

A single user interface running on a touch screen PC would bring all of these systems together in one place. IMO has identified this requirement and produced just that! Operating a number of electrical components installed on the vehicle, including the light bar, the siren and the matrix sign at the rear of the vehicle. It also provides a graphical front end for the stolen vehicle ‘Tracker’ system. The software will also interface with a third party in-car ANPR system (automatic number plate recognition) and the CCTV camera system for the vehicle-mounted cameras. Physical control is provided via IMO’s powerful i3 controller.

The user interface uses IMO’s Panel-Point SCADAlite software platform.

Main Menu

Tracker Screen

Lights Screen

Matrix Menu

  • Full screen application
  • Large buttons allow easy option selection on a touch screen
  • Buttons on right for easy access by the driver
  • Provides an interface to the third party software on the PC such as ANPR and camera systems
  • Alerts from third party systems are displayed
  • Return straight to menu via a "white button" feature in the vehicle
  • Replaces the dash mounted Tracker LCD display
  • Displays signal strength and direction signal is coming from
  • Allows switching between two vehicles which are in range
  • Displays the "reply code" for up to two vehicles detected
  • Signal strength is translated to a continuous audible tone
  • Main menu alert when signal is detected
  • Large buttons allow quick selection of "at scene" or "999" pre-programmed modes
  • Displays current status of each individual light
  • Manual selection of individual light components
  • Quick "cancel all" feature
  • Ignition and handbrake indicators
  • Control rear matrix sign from the touch screen
  • Quick selection of the top ten messages
  • Selection of 255 messages
  • CSV file message configuration
  • Texts can scroll left, scroll right, flash, and can be left/right justified
  • Quick "cancel" button clears sign
  • Dot matrix display mimics what is shown on sign at all times

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3 years ago

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