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98% Plastic-Free Packaging for IMO Wholesale Products

Our planet is important to us, and we are highly committed to creating a better environment. As such, we have been, and are continuously looking to identify areas within the business that can be improved, whilst lessening our carbon footprint and our negative impact on the planet. One such area is our wholesale product packaging, which uses single-use plastic blister packs. As we know, single-use plastics (which can take up to 500 years to decompose) like this usually end up in landfill sites, and plastic micro-particles have been found in virtually every corner of our planet, as well as inside all our sea creatures.

So, in order to improve our eco-credentials we have decided to ditch our single use plastic blister-packs, in favour of more eco-friendly materials. Our new wholesale product packaging is now entirely constructed from recyclable cardboard. This move means that over 98% of our wholesale packaging is now completely recyclable, with only a thin protective film on our enclosures remaining, and so far, the feedback we have received has been overwhelming. Our wholesale distributors are in full support of the move with many telling us that their own customers are requesting more eco-friendly packaging.

Supporting the new product packaging, we have also given our iconic yellow "Control Centre" display stands an overhaul. We have enhanced and refreshed livery and branding, including new product information charts, as well as making changes to the standard profile to include a selection of new products, whilst removing slower moving lines. We have also created a new smarter and professional slatwall offering that shows our products off in the best light, improving visibility within a retail environment. These changes not only compliment the display presence, but also should enable our wholesale distributors to maximise their sales. The new packaging, whilst being better for the environment, also offers greater product information than ever before, with each product displaying a QR code that links to a dedicate technical datasheet, to assist end users and installers. The use of UV resistant inks also means that our packaging will be resistant to sun-bleaching, and will retain their bright colours - an issue previously experienced where products are displayed very close to premises windows, and also by our Australian wholesale distributors where the sun is much stronger.

The new packaging and display profiles launched at the beginning of September 2023, with all new orders being fulfilled with the newly repackaged products. IMO "Your Control Centre" product displays can be found in over 600 electrical wholesale counters throughout the UK and Australia, and is the leading Motor & Control Gear offering in the UK. If you would like to have either a free-standing or slatwall IMO display in your store, please email sales@imopc.com.

"We have been a distributor for IMO products for many years, with some of our best selling products coming from the IMO range. We have had requests from customers for more product packaging to be easier to recycle, so this latest improvement definitely ticks that box. We also really love the new slatwall display and are already reaping the benefits".
Store Manager - An Independent Electrical Wholesaler

2023-09-22 09:45:00

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