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Product Spotlight: SD1, HD2 & HD2IP Drives

Our latest family of high performance AC Variable Speed Inverter Drives.

Since the early 1980’s, IMO has been at the forefront of AC Variable Speed Inverter Drive manufacturing technology, and our latest family of high performing inverters are no different. Each series whilst differing from each other is comprehensively specified and are packed full of a huge range of enhanced features to suit virtually every industrial, commercial or domestic application. From the entry-level SD1 series to the IP55 rated high-protection, multi-function HD2IP, every model in every series offers exceptional reliability and performance, and sets the bar high for others to compete with.

High Performance at Low Speeds

IMO is renowned for manufacturing market-leading variable speed drives and the market-leading Jaguar range has been long established with high-end features such as torque vector control. Our latest family of variable speed drives heralds a new era in feature rich inverter drives due to the vast array of standard features that you would normally expect only to find in considerably more advanced models.

SD1 Series - Comprehensively Specified Inverters for AC Motors

The SD1 series offers torque vector control across all models in the range, enabling them to deliver stable torque output even at low speeds. This control allows the SD1 to be used in a wide range of applications including lifts and conveyor systems, and high-inertia loads that demand a higher starting torque.

HD2 Series - High Performance, Dual Rated Torque Vector Inverters for AC Motors

The HD2 series offers the most advanced vector control technology which provides exceptional speed response and control, along with offering unparalleled reliability, precision and stability. Additional advantages to the customer include the huge range of communication protocols along with Bluetooth and WiFi communication for programming, as well as Dual Ratings on selected models.

HD2IP Series - High Protection, Multi-Function Torque Vector Inverters for AC Motors

The HD2IP provides most of the same features found in the HD2 series, with the added benefit of being IP55 protection rated, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. An integrated AC isolator provides convenience and security for machine control and added safety.

Enhanced Control Functionality

As you would expect, a drive from IMO isn’t your average run-of-the-mill product. We produce solutions which tick every box, every time, and our latest family of AC Variable Speed Inverter Drives are no different. From offering motor auto-tune which minimises power losses, to PID control which allows motor operation whilst controlling temperature, pressure and flow rate without the use of an external device or controller, together with the inclusion of programmable logic functionality.

Standard control features across the family include:HD2 and HD2IP additional features:
  • Torque Vector control
  • Up to 150% starting torque
  • IP20 (IP55 for HD2IP)
  • High speed processor
  • Motor Auto-tune (static and dynamic)
  • Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • DC Injection braking
  • Integral brake chopper
  • PID Control as standard
  • Integral Modbus RTU / RS485
  • Permanent magnet motor control
  • Detachable keypad with copy function
  • Advanced LCD keypad
  • 2 motor parameter sets
  • Flux braking
  • PLC option card
  • PG card (multiple options)
  • DCR (18.5kW-110kW)

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2022-11-16 11:26:00

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