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Power Supplies

  • Universal input voltage
  • Single and three phase versions available
  • Short circuit protection
  • 3 year warranty

IMOs range of industrial Power Supplies have all been engineered to deliver reliable, high quality DC power to a control panel or automation system with the introduction of a range of compact switching power supply with universal AC and DC voltage inputs, short circuit protection, and a range of output DC voltage options.
These power supplies operate at high efficiencies, making them an exceptionally reliable power source for components such as, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), sensors, relays, contactors, timers, temperature controllers, process controllers and HMIs, all of which are available from IMO and all benefit from our 3-year warranty.

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  1. SPS Series 8
  2. LPS Series 16
  3. HPS Series 6
  4. BPS Series 10
  5. REDMOD Series 1
  6. MPS Series 3
  7. DPS Series 12
  1. SPS Series

    12W-150W Single Phase PSUs

  2. LPS Series

    15W-180W Single and Three Phase PSUs

  3. HPS Series

    120W-480W Single Phase PSUs

  4. BPS Series

    15W-180W Single Phase PSUs

  5. REDMOD Series

    Redundant Power Supply Module

  6. MPS Series

    7.5W-100W PSUs

  7. DPS Series

    5W-480W PSUs

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