IMO Jaguar AC Variable Speed Inverter Drives


An AC Variable Speed Inverter Drive can reduce power consumption by up to 60%, and is used primarily to control the speed of machinery, e.g. pumps, fans and motors. Over the past 30 years, IMO has continuously developed and innovated in order to bring to you the range of Jaguar drives available today. IMO Jaguar drives always have, and continue to remain at the forefront of frequency inverter technology, and as such we are the only known global manufacturer that offers a 5 year warranty with every model.

From our cUL and TUV approved, market leading CUB, VXT, VXH and VXA range of drives with varying functionality and power, IMO has the right frequency inverter to meet the needs of your application, whatever it might be. From a simple small pump or fan through to the most complex large scale hoists, you can be assured that IMO has the drive and the knowledge to meet your application needs.

IMO Jaguar CUB

The general purpose IMO CUB features a full range of functions, a compact body, simple operation, wide model variations and global compatibility. It will meet the needs of higher performance machines and equipment such as conveyors, fans, pumps, centrifugal separators and food processing machines, as well as the needs of system integration, energy saving, labour saving and total cost reduction.

  • Single Phase 230V - 0.4 to 2.2kW / Three Phase 380-480V - 0.4 to 4kW
  • Choice of integrated EMC filter or non-filtered models
  • Simplified vector control, programmable I/O
  • Class leading diagnostics
  • Fault protection
  • Over and under current early warning system plus PID control

IMO Jaguar VXT

With an extended range of functions, the brand new, high performance VXT Sensorless Dynamic Torque Vector inverter sets new standards for vector controlled drives. It boasts quadruple rating providing unmatched flexibility allowing perfect performance, from a simple fan or pump to the most demanding, arduous heavy duty applications. Brushless DC motor conrols, PG vector control, STO safety level of SIL3, integral EMC filter, Modbus RTU and CANopen communications comes as standard on every model. The VXT delivers the power and performance synonymous with all IMO Jaguar drives, and offers everything you would need in terms of safety and control.

  • Single Phase 200V - 0.4 to 2.2kW / Three Phase 400V - 0.4 to 315kW
  • Integral PLC logic function up to 200 steps
  • Modbus RTU and CANopen Communications as standard
  • Quadruple ratings for 400V / 3 Phase models
  • STO with SIL3 safety circuit
  • Motor auto-tune for system optimization


The Building Services specific VXH drive has been designed with energy saving in mind. It can be used as part of a BMS system with its many inputs and outputs, or as a stand-alone solution with its 4 PID controllers, PLC and real time clock functions.

  • Three Phase 380-480V - 0.75 to 710kW
  • Optimum control for HVAC applications
  • Real time clock (RTC) provided as standard
  • Filter clogging prevention function
  • Programmable logic control


The VXA or "AQUA" drive has been designed to fulfil the exacting demands and requirements of the water industry with its application specific functions such as cascading pump control, anti-jam and dry pump detection. It has been specifically developed to offer a three-pronged approach to reducing costs, downtime and wastage for those in the business of handling water.

  • Three Phase 380-480V - 0.75 to 710kW
  • Optimum control for Water and Wastewater applications
  • Real time clock (RTC) provided as standard
  • Soft pressurizing features to help reduce pipe bursts and water seepage
  • Programmable logic control

The IMO Jaguar range is ready to answer your needs, providing the highest performance levels in the industry and redefining the common sense of general purpose inverters.

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