SI & SIM TRUE DC Solar Isolators

TRUE DC Solar Isolators - Keeping Solar Safe

IMO Precision Controls offers a range of True DC Isolators specifically designed for use in Solar PV installations in accordance with EN 60364-7-712. The IMO design incorporates a user independent switching action so as the handle is moved it interacts with a spring mechanism which, upon reaching a set point, causes the contacts to "SNAP" over thereby ensuring a very fast break/make action. This mechanism means that the disconnection of the load circuits and suppression of the arc, produced by a constant DC load, is normally extinguished in 3ms using the specific pole suppression chambers incorporated within the design.

The IMO Solar Isolator and Mini Solar Isolator ranges are offered in a number of configurations all rated for installation and use as switch-disconnects and all with options allowing for "LOCKABLE OFF" operation. Although able to offer the industry standard two position 90° handle operation from LOCKABLE OFF-ON, IMO have also introduced a SAFE-LOCK patented handle that allows for three rotational positions relating to ON-OFF-LOCK. The facility offered by this design gives a LOCK position that is removed from the OFF setting ensuring the handle can be placed in its own unique position when locked, which is fully compliant with IEC 60947-1 section for classification as an isolator or switch disconnector.

When this design is used within the IMO enclosed Solar Isolators it ensures that engineering access can only be attained to the enclosure when the handle is in the OFF position; whilst the "LOCK" position ensures secure power isolation combined with non-access to the enclosure (when the isolator block is secured with supplied screws) and thereby significantly reducing the risks of tampering when maintenance/repair is carried out on equipment in-line after the isolator, SAFE-LOCK. Once any work has been undertaken the locking mechanism can then be removed and the isolator returned to its normal operational mode.

SIM - The next evolution in DC Isolation

When IMO first launched its SI Series DC isolator in 2010, little did it know that the SI would soon become the safety component of choice for many of the largest solar inverter manufacturers and installers around the world. Today, with over 5 million installations and zero reported electrical failures, the SI Series has proved itself more than capable of handling the most demanding DC switching applications.

The NEW SIM represents the next evolution in DC isolation offering all the benefits of its big brother in a compact, high reliability package. With a 35% reduction in cubic volume, reduced front plate "real-estate", increased ratings and extended mounting options, the SIM is packed with features. Yet it retains the high reliability technology of the current SI Series including knife edge contacts, high speed operator independent switching mechanism and full arc control with guaranteed suppression time.

The NEW SIM represents the next step in meeting the global demand for high reliability, compact and competitive DC safety switching solutions.

SI & SIM Range Features

  • Market-leading design
  • Wide range of mounting options
  • Guaranteed arc suppression (3ms typical)
  • Operator independent switching mechanism
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty

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