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IMO Solar Isolators (SI)

With over 5 million installed units worldwide, and ZERO reported electrical failures, it's easy to see why we are so proud of our range of SI TRUE DC Isolators. Specifically designed for use with Photovoltaic (PV) installations in accordance with EN 60364-7-712, the design of the SI range incorporates a user independent switching action which makes a very fast make/break action and ensures the disconnection of the load circuits, supressing any electrical arc (produced by a constant DC load) in less than 3ms.
Available in numerous configurations and mounting options, the SI has become the safety component of choice for many of the largest solar inverter manufacturers and installers around the world, and has proved itself more than capable of handling the most demanding DC switching applications.

IMO Solar Isolator (SI) Benefits
  • Market-leading design
  • Guaranteed arc supression (3ms typical)
  • Operator independent switching mechanism
  • 5 year warranty

String Boxes
Panel Mount
Base Mount
Door Interlock
Single Hole Mount