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IMO Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors are used to detect objects through a variety of optical mediums utilising infrared or visible light beams, and consist of an emitter for emitting light and a receiver for receiving light. Through-beam photoelectric sensors have two separate elements - an emitter and a receiver - when mounted, the emitted light beam from the emitter is detected by the receiver. Objects are detected when the path between the emitter and receiver is interrupted. Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors contain both the emitting and receiving elements in the same housing, and require a reflector to operate. Diffuse type sensors also contain both emitter and receiver in the same housing. The emitter emits light, and when interrupted the reflected light from the object is detected by the receiver, hence indicating the presence of an object in its detection path. All sensors produce either a digital or analogue output depending on the model type.
IMO's range of photoelectric sensors includes block and barrel styles in both AC or DC, and are complimented by a large range of sensor accessories including brackets, reflectors, adaptors, leads and connectors.

IMO Photoelectric Sensor Benefits
  • Huge selection of block and barrel type sensors
  • Huge selection of block and barrel type sensors
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty on all sensors
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

IMO Photoelectric Sensor Products

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