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IMO Human Machine Interface

HMIs provide visual solutions for your application. The iView Advanced HMI is our flagship product, providing a modern look and feel for your electronic interface(s). Engineered to meet the ever-growing processes and application requirements of the industrial automation environment, the iView is provided as standard with over 480 industry protocols, significantly increasing compatibility with other automation products.
The iView Advanced HMI is available with touch screen sizes ranging from 4.3" to 15.0", all offering 65k colours as standard, however if you require something more text based, we still manufacture the iText monochrome HMI.

IMO Human Machine Interface Benefits
  • Enables human control and operation of machines and processes
  • Wide range of industrial communications protocols
  • Wide range of products to suit all applications
  • Free IMO licensed software

IMO Human Machine Interface Products

iView E Version HMI
for Small Applications
iView M Version HMI
for Medium Applications
iView H Version HMI
for Large Applications