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IMO Remote I/O

IMO's range of Remote I/O delivers a total choice for each application depending upon available space, performance and price per I/O point. For high accuracy on analogues, the iOS and Smart I/O have up to 16-bit resolution, by using IMO's iSmart Intelligent Relay plus a mix of digital I/O
IMO's iOS Remote I/O system uses serial communications to achieve a reliable interface between a controller and the locations of inputs and outputs, and offers a flexible and fast solution to systems requiring a high quantity of mixed I/O types not supported by conventional PLC systems. Removable terminals facilitate simple installation and maintenance while 2kV isolated I/O points ensure accurate and noise free integration of analogue signals.

IMO Remote I/O Benefits
  • Specifically designed for use with IMO i3 and XGB PLC
  • Analogue and digital I/O modules
  • Up to 16-bit resolution
  • Configurable inputs inc. DC Voltage, Current, T/C and RTD

IMO Remote I/O Products