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IMO Contactors

IMO offers a comprehensive range of high-quality Contactors, suited to a range of applications. Regular switching requirements are more than adequately handled by our proven "Standard" 3 or 4 pole devices, while dedicated designs are available for switching DC loads (PV applications, Capacitor / Battery banks) and low current loads (LED lighting, Vehicles etc.).
Our ground-breaking Mini and Micro Contactors offer the same feature-driven benefits as the Standard range, with a smaller footprint to facilitate miniaturisation.
Modular Contactors offer almost silent switching in a compact, ditributions-board friendly package; useful in the home or office environment where noise and aesthetics are a concern.
All of our Contactors are partnered with a full range of accessories and options to add functionality and flexibility to your design. Isn't it time you made the Switch to IMO Contactors?

IMO Contactor Benefits
  • Full range from Micro to Mega Contactors
  • International Approvals (EN/IEC, cULus, etc)
  • Cutting-edge designs including miniaturised
  • Full range of accessories and options including PCB mounting

IMO Contactor Products

Micro Contactor
Miniature Contactor
Standard Contactor
Capacitor Switching
DC Control Contactor
Relay Contactor
DC Switching Contactor
Modular Heading & Lighting Contactor