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IMO Surge Protection Devices

IMO's SPD range of surge protection devices has been specifically designed to cover all applications and protect all earthing systems. As electronics and sensitive equipment are introduced more and more, the need for clean supplies and protection from switching transients becomes ever more important. Our innovative core range of SPD surge protection devices deliver reliability and longevity and can be used in domestic or industrial applications, protecting all earthing systems (TN, TT, IT), whilst offering type 2 and type 3 level protection, making them the only three surge protection devices you will ever need.
Continuous investment in tooling not only allows for the production of standard devices, but also allows customer specific designs to be undertaken, all in all enables IMO Terminal Blocks to provide our customers the technical advantage they need to compete in their own markets.

IMO Surge Protector Benefits
  • Put an IMO SPD surge protection device in harm's way to protect what really matters.
  • Compact, 2P & 4P versions to cover all applications
  • Universal protection for all earthing systems, TN, TT, IT - Type 2 & 3
  • Protection for domestic, commercial and industrial environments
  • Suitable for 20kA & 40kA systems

IMO SPD Products