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IMO Miniature Circuit Breakers

Effective Protection and Isolation is at the very heart of good electrical engineering. IMO offers a comprehensive range of modular low-voltage devices to provide protection from Over-Current, Short-Circuit and Earth Leakage faults, alongside power Isolation.
Our MCB range includes standard 10kA and 6kA devices, alongside miniaturised single module 1+N units rated at 4.5kA. The full range of standard trip-curves and current ratings is available, along with the possibility to create customised trip-curve and current options. Offering protection from both Over-Current and Short-Circuit they are ideal for protecting equipment and wiring from high current situations.
IMO RCDs (aka RCCBs) are designed to rapidly disconnect p[ower upon detecting an Earth-Leakage fault, protecting personnel from the most common cause of electrical injuries, shocks and fatalities both in industry and at home.
Our flagship RCBO devices combine the features of our MCBs and RCDs to provide an all-in-one solution to protecting both equipment and personel from the effects of electrical faults.
Finally, we offer a range of MCB style isolators to provide a safe, efficient means of disconnecting power.

IMO Miniature Circuit Breakers
  • Wide range covering common overcurrent, short-circuit, earth leakage and isolation requirements
  • Range of accessories including auxiliary / signal contacts, shunt and undervoltage trips and safety lock offs
  • Available as part of our Value Added Sub-Assembly service
  • Custom designs available for non-standard applications
  • Third Party Approval Certifications

IMO Miniature Circuit Breaker Products

4kA MCB 1P+N
10kA MCB
Compact RCBO
Isolating switch