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IMO Mini Solar Isolators (SIM)

Based on the market-leading design of the SI series of TRUE DC isolator, the new SIM represents the next evolution in DC isolation offering all the benefits of its big brother in a compact and high reliability package. The SIM is 35% smaller in cubic volume, which in turn provides a reduced front plate, yet offers increased ratings and extended mounting options compared to the SI series.
Retaining the high reliability technology of the SI series including knife edge contacts, high speed operator independent switching mechanism and full arc control with guaranteed supression time, the SIM represents the next step in meeting global demand for reliable, compact and competitive DC safety switching solutions.

IMO Mini Solar Isolator (SIM) Benefits
  • 35% reduction in cubic volume (compared to SI)
  • Guaranteed arc supression (3ms typical)
  • Operator independent switching mechanism
  • 5 year warranty

IMO Mini Solar Isolator (SIM) Products

Panel Mount
Distribution Board Mount
Base Mount
Single Hole Mount