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IMO All-in-one Controllers

As microprocessor technology moves forward, it is a logical step to rationalise hardware and condense many traditional control components down into a single, compact unit. Other than saving space, the benefits of an integrated solution include reduction of overall power consumption and reduction of application development time, whilst also allowing customers to standardise to a single controller to fit most of their applications.
Introducing the IMO i3 Intelligent Controller featuring PLC, HMI and OpenBus communications technology combined into a single, easy-to-mount unit, and is ideal for both process control and factory automation applications, and is backed up by our unique 3 year warranty. The i3 is the no-compromise solution for all-in-one display, control and communication.

IMO All-in-one Controller Benefits
  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • I/O can be expanded to 384 points
  • Various monitoring functions inc. Network Diagnosis
  • Free IMO licensed programming software

IMO All-in-one Controller Products

i3A Lite - 128x64 Mono
i3AX - Mono 128x64
i3BX - Mono 160x128
i3CM - Colour 320x240
i3CX - Colour 640x480
i3C Lite - 480x272
i3DX - Colour 640x480
I3EL - Colour 800 x 480
i3E - Colour 800x480
i3HX - Colour HMI
i3 Web Server